Ankit Ahuja


An iPhone App that lets users perform fast and easy web searches by providing the ability to query once and search everywhere. It lets users swipe between results from different sites and applications. It saves search history and users can also star searches to come back to them later. Available in the App Store.


A browser extension that allows users to manipulate the appearance of a webpage through a WYSIWYG interface and save their changes. Actively being used by more than 90,000 users with a 4.5 star rating from 600+ users on the Chrome Web Store. Available on Github.

Stylebot Social

An online community for users to share and install other users’ Stylebot styles. The site has over 3000 registered users and currently over 1700 shared styles.


A browser extension that lets users browse the web using only the keyboard. Users can type in commands into a prompt to simulate actions like scrolling, opening links, sharing links, etc., which are traditionally performed using the mouse. Actively being used by more than 8000 users on Google Chrome with a 5-star rating in the Chrome Web Store. Available on Github.


A browser extension that lets users divide their web browsing sessions into projects and manage all of their project-related information stored on the web. A project is a collection of browser tabs opened in the same window, series of filters in existing applications (Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.), bookmarks, people and tasks. This was built for my Masters thesis. Available on Github.


A prototype visualization tool to explore biclusters and connections between biclusters. Built using the d3 visualization library. It currently only runs for a static dataset. This was my Information Visualization class project. Available on Github.

Virtual Town Square

My grad school research project to engage residents of local communities in meaningful conversations online. It aggregates local conversations on the web from News Blogs, Weblogs, Facebook and Twitter. This particular instance is running for Blacksburg and neighboring towns. Available on Github.

Front End Editor for Joomla

An extension for the Joomla CMS that provides a WYSIWYG interface to edit the content of Joomla based sites from the frontend. Its aim was to make it easier for non-technical users to manage their site’s content without having to rely upon webmasters. It makes use of edit-in-place fields, modal popups and drag & drop to allow content editing at the frontend. I built this as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. It’s available on Github.

My other opensource contributions are on Github.