Ankit Ahuja

ProxyCal, a Webapp Built Out of Personal Needs

My college wanted us to do a project as part of a ”Bridge Course” this semester. In a way, I liked the concept as it was at least trying to convince some people to do something besides curriculum. Personally, it’s always good when you are working towards some objective like completing a project you have to submit. An example is last summer, when I had to create a project for the summer and I ended up doing a lot of fun stuff.

Twitkut Usage Stats

Uptil now, the only way I had to keep track of Twitkut was the Google Gadget Directory, which still shows that it has <100 users. At the time I developed the app, Google Analytics was broken.

I have an Orkut filter setup on my Gmail, so that all the emails notifying me of scraps skip the Inbox. Today, however, I decided to check my Orkut emails. And guess what, the first mail I saw was from the Orkut guys giving me the weekly statistics of my Opensocial application!

Twitter + Orkut = Twitkut

I use Twitter a lot. Unfortunately, almost all of my real life friends are only on Orkut. Most of them haven’t even heard of Twitter. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating something like Twitkut.

PollBol, a Polling Web App

Update: PollBol is currently down due to server deployment issues. Take a look at the screenshots instead.

Pollbol is an exciting web app that adds a twist to conventional polling by adding an additional social aspect to it. After making FriendComparé, which was a mashup making use of the API, I wanted to make a more independent app that maintained its own data.