Ankit Ahuja

How gleeBox Makes Browsing the Web Faster and More Fun

gleeBox started out as a weekend hack project for me and Sameer. But, we ended up spending a lot more time working on it. Not that I’m complaining, I think we managed to build a tool that is really useful once you get used to it. We made our last major release (1.0) a couple of weeks back. From now on, gleeBox development will be carried out at ease (and not the 20 commits/day rate at which it was being carried out earlier ^)

If you’re not familiar with gleeBox, you should take a look at this screencast or read the user manual.

After continually using gleeBox for some time, I’ve discovered several ways in which it makes browsing and doing stuff on the web quicker and more fun.

ESP Visions

This is my favorite feature of gleeBox. What this means is, you can specify jQuery selectors for specific URLs and when you visit that particular page and open gleeBox, that selector will automatically be executed and all the matching elements will be highlighted on the page. You can TAB through them and press enter to execute a link.

This is especially useful on pages like the Google search results page, where all you would ever want to do is to go through the results. You don’t need to scroll using the mouse. This makes searching a lot more fun and less tiresome for the fingers.

This is also really useful for automating stuff, especially for pages where you have to click the same link everytime you visit them.

Several useful ESP Visions are listed on TipJar.

Default Link Search

You start typing something and gleeBox highlights all the links on the page that match the text. This means you don’t need to take your hands off the keyboard to navigate the web.

Page commands and bookmarklet execution

You can execute any bookmarklet by typing in [plain]!bookmarklet-name[/plain]. There are also some inbuilt-commands. A couple of examples are:

Open the RSS feed of the current page in Google Reader so that you can easily subscribe to it


Share current page through mail, gmail, facebook, twitter, etc.

!share m / g / fb / t / ...

All of them are listed in the user manual.

Bookmark Search

If turned on, gleeBox searches browser bookmarks if no links are found matching the entered text. This is useful, instead of manually going through a long list of sites in the bookmarks menu.

Yubnub commands

You can execute yubnub or quix commands preceded by :

A couple of examples are:

  • Search twitter for gleeBox
:tw gleebox
  • Search IMDb for avatar
:imdb avatar

Scraper commands

  • Select Linked Images

You can also define custom scrapers. Example: This will select all shared links on

?t - a.web

If you’re an advanced gleeBox user, you should go ahead and share tips on Tipjar. You can login using your Twitter / Facebook / other accounts and start posting right away from the main page.