Ankit Ahuja

Twitkut v2.0 to Be an OAuth Gadget

I’ve been working on the next version of Twitkut in whatever little free time I’ve had in the past couple weeks ( mostly weekends ). The next version of Twitkut will feature a number of new and exciting features, the most major one being support for OAuth.

Displaying user tweets in the Orkut profile page

I had to rewrite the whole code for this due the new server-side templates and data-pipelining standards enforced by Orkut. It has certain limitations in that you cannot click on any link that links to any external source. Clicking on the user’s pic or username leads you to the application page.

OAuth Support

Twitkut will now enable you to authorize it with your Twitter account via OAuth. Doing this will enable you to post updates from Twitkut, add your Orkut friends as your Twitter friends and many more things (listed as separate features). I chose OAuth since then you won’t have to worry about me storing your Twitter passwords.

Post updates from Twitkut

If you enable OAuth, you’ll be able to post updates to your Twitter account from within Twitkut.

Follow your Orkut friends on Twitter

Enabling OAuth will enable you to follow your Orkut friends on Twitter from within Twitkut.

Selective Updates

This will be similar to the “Selective Twitter Updater” Facebook app. You will able to selectively display updates on Twitkut by adding a hashtag to the end of updates similar to “#orktw” or “#orkut”. I’ve still to decide upon the hashtag. Only the updates containing the hashtag will be displayed on Twitkut.

Unfortunately, the popular demand for automatic updates to the user’s activity stream ( without the user having to visit the application page ) won’t be possible due to the limitations enforced by Orkut. If Orkut ever allows it, it’ll be the first feature I’ll add.

I cannot promise if and when I’ll add all these features. There are too many variables, time being the biggest one. You can keep abreast with the latest updates to Twitkut by following @twitkut.

You can also suggest features that you’ll like to be added to Twitkut as comments to this blogpost or as @replies to @twitkut.

Enabling Twitkut with OAuth has been/will be a complicated task. I’ll probably write a separate blog on writing an Opensocial OAuth Gadget.