Ankit Ahuja

Back After an Amazing Trip to Mussoorie and Rishikesh

This previous weekend from 18th to 20th September was probably the most fun and adventure I have had for quite a while. While I was on leave from college on Thursday, my college friends were planning a trip to Mussoorie via Haridwar and Rishikesh for the weekend. After much vacillation from everyone, 5 of us finally decided that we were going to the trip! Part of the fun was that the final decision was made just hours before the actual trip began. So, none of us had any time to really think about the beautiful weekend that awaited us.

We began our journey early morning on Friday. The plan had changed a bit, we were now going to Mussoorie and possibly Haridwar and Rishikesh on the way back. It was also ironic that the route to Mussoorie went scarily close to our college. We had a chance to kiss it goodbye and see what it felt like. Trust me, it felt very good to actually see everything you’ve learned to hate pass you by.

When we were about to enter Uttarakhand, the state to which Mussoorie belongs, we suddenly got pings from everywhere that our University Result had been announced. At first, we were resolute and decided that we will check our result after we came back. But then, one of us was too eager and he checked his result. And guess what, he got a very good result and then we were all scampering for our mobile phones to know our results via SMS. A couple of us had to wait a wee bit longer ( Jatin and Vishal ). But we all now had a reason to celebrate. All of us had got a decent result!

Thanks to someone really awesome, we got a chance to stay at the ITM Hostel in Mussoorie. It is located right at the top in a very scenic place. The most wonderful thing about the place was the silence. All we could hear was the wind and our voices. It was the peacefulness any city inhabitant could only dream of. Our trip had now officially touched its first milestone that was to reach Mussoorie. We visited Mall road, had dinner at Udupi (a south indian restaurant) and I increased my winning streak in Air hockey by +1. We then had hot tea at the hostel and I slept the most peaceful sleep I had had for a while, without all the traffic noises and dog barks.

The next morning was beautiful. Abhishek and I decided to go out for an early morning self-professed hike. After walking along the road for a bit, we took a kuccha path into the valley. It was the pleasant feeling of adventure that I’ve always loved. It felt like it had been picked right out of a Ruskin Bond story.

That day we decided we were going to go to the Kempty Falls. We went there and took a dip into the chilly water. It was refreshing and fun. We then made our way to Company Park. It was beautiful and I got a chance to practice my photography skills. After that, we made a short tour to Gun Hill. Unfortunately, it was foggy and so we didn’t get to see much. We did, however, get a chance to practice our shooting skills. Tired after a third of the day, only Vishal and I had the will to walk the entire length of the Camel Back Road. And boy, was it worth it. It was the most scenic and peaceful walk I have ever undertaken. Luckily, the clouds drifted away for a bit and we had a chance to glimpse the amazing landscape of Mussoorie. While on our way back to our cab via Mall road, we also saw a Sikh procession. It ran the entire length of Mall road and we saw the talented students of schools in Mussoorie march and play music. We gave a visit to the almighty and headed back to the hostel. Our stay at Mussoorie was nearing an end.

The next day we all woke up early and got ready to go to Rishikesh. The journey was a sleepy downhill ride across Dehradun to Rishikesh. We then took a bath in the Ganges. It was wonderful! We had breakfast at Chotiwala and headed back. After another round of dwindling decision making and heading in the opposite direction, we decided that 4 of us were keen to go rafting. All of us are glad now that we made the right decision. It was the dash of adventure that our getaway had always needed.

Our awesome instructors guided us through the whole rafting experience. We rafted in still water as well as rapids and whirlpools. We even took a dip in the middle of the river! At the end, we were all pretty tired after covering a distance of 12 kms, but the tiredness felt good.

It was then the way back home. Our only stops were some fried maggi at Roorkee and dinner at Chital.

Now, it is back to the daily drag that is normal life. I wish my home was in Mussoorie. I wish my academic institution was in Mussoorie. I wish I get to stay at a place as scenic and beautiful as Mussoorie on a permanent basis. I wish I could’ve lived the adventure longer. But, for now, I’ll hang on to the memories and make it through the monotony of life until the next adventure!

You can take a look at the photos of our trip over at Facebook or Flickr.