Ankit Ahuja

Twitkut Usage Stats

Uptil now, the only way I had to keep track of Twitkut was the Google Gadget Directory, which still shows that it has <100 users. At the time I developed the app, Google Analytics was broken.

I have an Orkut filter setup on my Gmail, so that all the emails notifying me of scraps skip the Inbox. Today, however, I decided to check my Orkut emails. And guess what, the first mail I saw was from the Orkut guys giving me the weekly statistics of my Opensocial application!

Here it is:

Here are the statistics for your OpenSocial app twitter.xml on orkut for the week of 2008/12/30: 

  • App submitted to orkut on 2008/11/04
  • Number of unique users who installed the app this week: 77
  • Total number of unique users who currently have the app installed: 532
  • Number of times profile pages of users who have installed this app were viewed: 16395
  • Number of times this app was viewed in canvas view: 446

Wow, and until now I thought that less than 100 users were using my application!

I think the Orkut team only recently started mailing developers weekly stats. I think it’s a great idea and hopefully they will continue to do so.