Ankit Ahuja

My Twitter Wordle

I already tweeted about this but I thought this was exciting enough to deserve a mention on my blog. Also, now that I have a decent no. of followers on Twitter, I am hopeful that more people would be reading this blogpost. So, hello tweeps!

Only recently, I came across TheStatBot. I really liked the idea of twitter wordles, like mine above. It gives you a quick refresh on what the person talks about on twitter. If you look for more than a minute on my Twitter wordle above, you can sum up that I usually talk about cool apps, twitter(ofcourse), India, API’s, design, college etc. If you look deeper into the cloud, you will know that I have talked about twitkut, Internet, Mac,, coffee, firefox, etc.

It wasn’t exactly a very smooth process to come up with it, though. At first, I tried using my twitter RSS feed on That didn’t work, as it then only considered my recent 20 or so tweets. What I wanted was that it should span across all my tweets. Then, I came across a python script created by Yuvi Panda that simply takes all your tweets (maximum 3200 are allowed by the twitter API) and puts them into a txt file. You can simply then copy all the text and use it on

I am pretty certain there is room for a webapp for this. If only wordle had an API. I believe TheStatBot is working on extending wordles to services like FriendFeed, etc.


You can checkout the script using svn:

svn checkout