Ankit Ahuja

Haal Pooch Kar Mera, Intezar to Karte...

Before I say anything about my first real post on my blog, I would like to present to to you the following Nazm called ’Rasm’.

Haal Pooch Kar Mera, Intezar to Karte, Mera Haal Sun-ne Ka, Haal Pooch Kar Yun To, Aap Chhedh Sakte The, Jaise Ghar Tattayon Ka, Phir Bhi Ain Mumkin Hai, Aap Se Na Keh Paata, Naagawar Sach Batein, Aur Ram Dohraata, Muskaraa Ke Yeh Kehta, ‘Aap Ki Inaayat Hai’ Phir Bhi Sochtaa Hun Mein, Haal Pooch Kar Mera, Intezar To Karte, Mera Haal Sun-ne Ka

Now in case you are wondering what inspired me to write up this nazm, it was a communication skills workshop conducted by Mr.Ashok Lal of MDI, Gurgaon, India in my college recently. I instinctively liked it and found it very inspiring especially in today’s modern times. This nazm has actually prompted my interest in Urdu poetry and the like.

The meaning behind this nazm is pretty obvious (if you understand a bit of Urdu)but still I will state its meaning.

Having asked me how I feel, maybe you could have waited for my answer. It is true that you might have submitted yourself to a tale of my miseries but still its highly probable that I would have repeated the polite ritual of saying “I am fine, Thank You” with a forced smile.The true essence of the nazm lies in the fact that we all are very circumspect while communicating with others, tactfully modifying all our responses so as to make the other person feel cared about as well as keeping ourselves at a distance from their problems.

What I infer from this nazm is that, no matter what, we should try to be true to ourselves, more than to others, and make sure we don’t say something just for the sake of saying it.

Having said that, no matter how hard we try, we are sometimes put into situations where we can do nothing but compromise.

Thats where, I feel, lies the true beauty of this contemporary nazm.