Ankit Ahuja

Summer at Khan Academy

As I look back at my summer in the Bay Area, I am glad I got the opportunity to work at Khan Academy. When I accepted the internship offer, I expected to meet amazing people, build cool things, and learn a bunch. It turned out to be exactly that, and a lot more! To top it off, I got to spend a relaxing summer with family!

Deploying on Dreamhost Using Git

I’ve done this for multiple sites (including a Wordpress blog) and thankfully I wrote down the instructions when I did it the first time. I find this way to deploy really useful. It gives you version control, and an easy and quick way to deploy small, incremental changes. Deploying is as simple as executing git push live from the command line.

Git Cheatsheet

When you’re new to git, it can get difficult to wrap your head around it at first. This is especially true if you’re migrating from subversion or when you’d rather spend more time writing your code than trying to learn git.

Git requires some learning, and you might as well spend the time doing it rather than wondering what just happened after running a command. Learn.github is a good place to start to learn the basics.

But even after spending some time learning git, there are going to be times that you’ve to painfully search the web/manual for basic stuff like working with remote branches or more complex stuff like handling a failed merge.

For the same reason, I’m creating this post as a reference point for myself to avoid repetitive searches. I’ll keep adding new commands here if and when I use them.

How gleeBox Makes Browsing the Web Faster and More Fun

gleeBox started out as a weekend hack project for me and Sameer. But, we ended up spending a lot more time working on it. Not that I’m complaining, I think we managed to build a tool that is really useful once you get used to it. We made our last major release (1.0) a couple of weeks back. From now on, gleeBox development will be carried out at ease (and not the 20 commits/day rate at which it was being carried out earlier ^)

If you’re not familiar with gleeBox, you should take a look at this screencast or read the user manual.

After continually using gleeBox for some time, I’ve discovered several ways in which it makes browsing and doing stuff on the web quicker and more fun.

The Mental Catastrophe That Is the Social Web

I may sound a bit like a hypocrite, being myself involved in so many social networks and the social web. But, my mind has finally come to the standpoint that it cannot keep up with all the bucket loads of useless information that I put it through daily. Starting today, I will be limiting the use of social networks that seem to serve no useful purpose for me which mostly includes Facebook and Orkut.